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Laser Therapy

Combining Energy with Aesthetics

Skin Resurfacing

Radio Frequency Microneedling can be used to create small, microchannels in the skin to promote collagen stimulation, while also using energy blasts that will tighten and lighten the appearance of skin.

CO2 Laser Resurfacing targets imperfections in the skin such as pigmentation and skin laxity to turn back the clock. 

When combined together, these treatments can provide results unlike any other.

Young Blond Model

Treatment Packages

Treatment Areas are measured by sizing similar to a sheet on paper.

RF Microneedling:

Single Treatment: $500.00

Series of Three: $1,250.00

CO2 Resurfacing:

Single Treatment: $500.00

Series of Three: $1,250.00

RF Microneedling + CO2 Laser:

Single Treatment: $850.00

Series of Three: $2,125.00

PRP Add-Ons: $200.00 / Vial

Laser Hair Reduction

Ditch the razor and stop hair growth from happening in the first place. Using an advanced IPL laser, patients can find their hair growth to be reduced by approximately 80%. With a recommended treatment series of six sessions, our advanced laser technician can help reduce hair growth in areas such as underarms, bikini, arms, and legs. Laser consult required before treatment. 

Treatment Packages

Upper Lip: $500.00

Chin: $500.00

Neck: $700.00

Chest: $1,500.00

Full Back: $2,000.00

Underarms: $600.00

Stomach: $1,200.00

Bikini Line: $650.00

Brazilian: $800.00

Arms: $800.00

Legs: $1,200.00

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Laser Hair Reducton
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